Tuesday, September 23, 2008


John McKay grew up in west Texas and in north Fort Worth, and he is a tremendously talented musician and singer. As a young man, he sang in the Dallas Music Hall musicals and was invited to New York to pursue a music career on the stage. But something was wrong with that plan.

Instead of heading to the "big time", John followed God's call and committed his life to music ministry in Baptist churches and crusades. He wrote some wonderful music, he produced some great albums and books of music, and he has served faithfully for many years. John is well known and loved all across the Southern Baptist Convention.

I worked with some of John's children while serving in Hurst, Texas many years ago, and I just completed an interim pastor position and worked with John for 8 months. I recently had lunch with John, and we discussed our years of ministry. His story is very similar to mine, that is, except for the fact that he is a great soloist. Just like me, he heard the call of God on his life, and he has remained true to it. Now in his 70s, John is serving as the interim music director at Friendship Baptist Church in Weatherford. The people there love him, and he helps them to sing music of the church from the depths of the heart.

Just a sidelight . . for many years, Richey Craig of the Baytown Craig clan has played the piano for John. Richey continues to be the pianist at Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

John and Richey and others others like them are just the reason I share this blog. I want you to know many of God's faithful servants who have touched my life. I'm glad I've become good friends with John McKay and Richey Craig. John and Richey are persons who understood the call of God was for their entire lives. They just keep on keeping on!


garyr said...

In all of John Mckays music that he has written I will never forget
the one titled "What about you" is it in printed form?

Brian McKay said...

I'm John's number 3 son, Brian, recently he gave each one of his kids, there are 5 of us, a huge gift that we would like to share with those of you that were blessed by his ministry. We each received a set of DVDs of our dad singing through the years when he traveled with James Robison. Many of these videos are now available for you to watch, enjoy and remember when you heard him sing these. Go to Youtube and seach for "John McKay Music Evangelist" or cut and past the following link into your browser


Dad turned 84 this past February. Both he and mom are doing well.

Jerry Carver said...

Do you have an address where I can write him. He has made such a difference in my life.
Jerry C

B Mckay said...

Jerry send me your email address and I'll get you his home address. I'm sure he would love to hear from you. brian@nsbcweatherford.com